Sunday, September 9, 2012

Last Day of Half Marathon Training

Oh jeez was my last day of half marathon training.  Tomorrow starts my first day of training for the full marathon in January.  I'm looking forward to it but I'm also slightly terrified.  What if I can't finish?  What if my body just like totally gives out? I'm just a little nervous about it all.  Today I had to run 6 miles.  I totally wasn't feeling like it but I decided that I don't get to make excuses.  Uncle John never got to say "I just don't feel like having cancer today" and take a day off. Have to remember why I'm doing this!  I'm standing for him and for my grandmother.  I'm trying to do this in his memory and I can't do that if I give up.  I have to keep going.  So tomorrow marks DAY 1 of 18 weeks of training... here.we.go.