Saturday, July 28, 2012

Standing Up 2 Cancer

Hello all,

I'm starting this blog to document my training for the City of Oaks Half-Marathon on November 4th in Raleigh.  As those who know me already know, I love blogging.  I will blog about pretty much anything.  Nowadays, the only thing I blog about is food, which is amazing, but I'm starting this blog to document my training for the Half-Marathon coming up.  Not only does this give me a creative outlet to discuss how it's going, but also holds me accountable to someone during the training process.  

I decided to run this half-marathon because I wanted to do something to remember my Uncle John and my Mimi (my grandmother) who were both taken away from me too soon by the ever-dreaded cancer.  I have started a team, which I welcome people to join here.  Please join and/or donate!  If you can't afford to donate, just join to show your support!  If you want to donate to the cause but don't want to join the team, that's okay too! 

I will do a post on each Uncle John and Mimi so that you all know who I'm doing this for, and why they are so special to me.  For now, just know, that I will begin training on August 6, and will race on November 4!  It should be interesting!

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