Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 1

Completed day 1 of training!  Pretty easy considering it was "Stretch and Strengthen"...tomorrow will be my first real run... I haven't run in so long and I'm a little nervous!  I also had a reallyyyy bad wake up call today when I took my body fat measurement and got a huge slap in the face.  It's so bad I can't even type it... It's weird because I know I don't look thin or skinny or anything but I don't think I look huge...right? hopefully... but my body fat count made me feel much bigger than I thought I was...hopefully this training will knock me down a few pounds... at least hopefully it will be a great way to raise some money for cancer research!  Anyone else want to join?? It's not too late! You've only missed Day 1 and you can easily start on Day 2!  Lemme know!

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