Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3

Hey guys!  Training is going well so far... 3 days in lol, but still!  Today I did 30 min elliptical and then a half mile cool down on the treadmill.  I've gotten back into my FAVORITE workout routine which I did for my last half marathon training... you guessed it, watching the Biggest Loser while training!  I'm even watching the same season as I blogged about during my last half marathon...season 10.  I picked this season because it has one of my favorite contestants ever (close tie with the lovely sisters, Olivia and Hannah!), Ada!  More commonly referred to as "Ada the Terminator".  She is one of the most inspirational people ever to be on this show... I've started the season from the beginning, and I'm only on episode 2, but I really can't wait until she becomes a total freaking beast and runs the marathon!

In other news, Matt signed up for the marathon!  Yes, the FULL marathon... he's cray.  I'm sure he can do it, but if the day comes and the marathon just doesn't seem like it's gonna happen, he's gonna run the half with me... woohoo!!

Also, I've started working on my diet a bit!  Trying to really lose this weight... I did a weigh in at the beginning, complete with measurements, and I took "Before" photos.  I'm WAY too embarrassed to post them now, but if I really do lose weight, I promise to post them with "After" shots.  I've been going to Herbalife a lot and drinking a lot of protein shakes and drinking a lot of tea...drinking Green Tea as we speak!  I love love love tea (not as much as coffee sadly, but hoping to get more adjusted to it!)

If I ever have any good healthy recipes, I'll post them on my cooking blog, and then link them on here.  I think that's pretty much it for now, but I'll just leave you with what my motivating picture is.  It's perfect because the training plan is 12 weeks long and Monday was my Day 1!

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