Monday, August 20, 2012

The First Weigh In

Oh hey y'all... today's workout was weaksauce... sorry to be such a let down but I am SO sore from yesterday's run!  I'm stretching more now, because I'm definitely starting to see why it's so important!  I've been drinking tea like it's my job (instead of so much coffee) and really getting into my Herbalife shakes as some of my meal replacements.  My cravings for fast food are pretty much completely gone (although last week I was dying for one of those Chick-fil-a chicken strip salads and so I had one...with ranch...oops... don't judge me, and no I don't hate gay people or support anti-gay groups, I just REALLY wanted that salad...

Anwyay... I had my FIRST weigh in today... I'm going to do weigh-ins every week and then I can watch my progress... I really don't want to say what my starting weight is, but maybe I will once I lose more and feel more comfortable with myself... in the meantime, I will just be posting my weight-loss, or lack there of (hopefully not this), every week so I can hold myself accountable and see how I'm progressing.  This week the weigh in resulted in:

You like how I use a biggest loser pic?  YES I'm obsessed, no I don't's my guilty pleasure... do you see how Bob Harper is like SO happy for me watching the scale??

YES, I lost 3 one week!  Just from cutting out nasty foods and doing my training!  I, for one, am very proud...I think this is the most I've ever lost in one week... hopefully I can keep the momentum going and make myself proud! Who's with me!?!

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